A Piece of Blue

Let the blue sky meets the blue sea and all is blue for a time..

My first post is about me, move my writing house to a better place. I guess it’s the best way to show my gratitude to my latest blog, alestarina.blogspot.co.id, that it always had been my place to write anything.

A piece of blue. Such a unique name that I love so much. Blue represents my state of feelings. It doesn’t always be a sad feelings. It was more like something that I could achieve from one story of my life. Such a unique thinking that everything happened for a reason.  A reason that we are not usually understand at first. Until we finally realized that God’s plan always be the best for us.

So, let me transfer all of my writings from the latest blog into here. Hopefully you could enjoy it. I give my regards to everyone who kindly read my writings. See you very soon. Bye bye    ^_^


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