New Year’s Eve 2016

New Year’s Eve 2016. There were a lot of stories in that night. Stories that I would never forget in my whole life. Kind of excited, yes of course. Here I am, in a beautiful Island of Belitong. A bit shame if I didn’t spent it with my friends. So here it is. I’m gonna tell you about my first New Year’s Eve in Belitong.

I had a dinner gathering at my office. Quite fun to have a dinner with a big family, because there were children everywhere. Yelling, running, screaming, we had to endure it all. It was fun to see kids running around everywhere. But, it didn’t last long, they also had to sleep. So, our gathering was ended at 10. Buuut, it was a bit early to sleep at 10 in New Year’s Eve, eh? Haha

That time, I contacted Iqbal asap. We promised to meet up at their boarding house right away. So damn exited to hang out with them. We started our journey with a group of 8. Pipit, Iqbal, Mas Dede, Irfan aka cimit, Mas Dian, Asda and me.

Tanjung Pandan was so crowded that evening. Such a rare sight because it was usually highway in every road. We didn’t even have a place to park the car. Finally, we end up circling this city for an hour. But we end up getting back to where we start, their boarding house. Disappointed of course, because all I wanted was watching firework. Then Pipit asked Iqbal and Irfan to get out and watch firework. It was almost 12 o’clock. Iqbal went out right away. But Irfan was sullen all the time because he waited us for a long time in Tanjung Pendam beach while we explored this city. He said that he didn’t want to get out anymore. And Pipit was with him to console him in order to make him better. So cute.. haha

Short story, 12 o’clock had come, we were at Bundaran Satam, firework was lit everywhere. So beautiful those fireworks lit in the sky. We took a pic. It was fun. I smiled a lot. Nice thing to remember about my youth. XD


It was 1 o’clock, we were still in the middle of main road in Bundaran Satam. People started to vanish from that place. Suddenly, there were a couple fighting across the road. We watch them yelling at each other but I don’t know why, it was a fun thing to watch. We giggled so hard. Moreover, Irfan suddenly cross the road with Pipit and separated that couple. Such a ridiculous thing to do. I mean, what on earth they were doing. We laughed even more for that ridiculous act.

Still laughing hard, we followed Irfan and Pipit and asked them, why you bothered to separate them. Pipit said, “Dunno, I just followed him because I wanted to see firework more clearly over there, but he ended up approached them. I dunno what to do” She also laughed so hard. Well that’s Irfan. He always did random things. Hahaaha

After that, we sat together at street café. We ordered coffee and chat around. Time passed by, it was 2 o’clock already. Firework lit once again. We cheered again. We loved firework. But there was something strange about this. They lit those fireworks uncontrollably. It almost reached pedestrian. Wow, we were so shocked. It was so dangerous. But it didn’t last long. It stopped. For a moment, I thought they stopped to lit that firework. But in fact, they continued. Till finally those fireworks blast on top of our head. Well, at first I kinda happy because I got to see it so near. But the next blast was directed toward us. And it blasted under our table. Wow, it was so scary. I couldn’t react as fast as I could. All we could do was just frozen there, we didn’t have the chance to cover our self.

Mas Dian was so angry at anyone who lit that firework. He would run to them if he didn’t stop by us. His cheek was grazed by it. Of course he would be angry. Anyone would be. It almost hit his eyes. And I knew it because that green shine shone right to me in one line. I’m mentally shocked too. Irfan kept asking me, “Are you okay?” And I said, “Yes, I am”

Smoke everywhere. It could be dangerous. Fortunately it didn’t cause a fatal harm. Only Mas Dian got burnt a bit in his cheek. He was soon taken to hospital with Irfan. Meanwhile, the rest of us went to cop to make a report. But cops were just ignorant. He said it would be difficult to capture who was the one lit that, so he told us to accept it and be gone. We couldn’t just let go, there must be something he should do, that’s what I thought. So we stayed there until 3.20 am, and we received nothing progress. I knew it, cops didn’t want to sweat themselves toward this trivia case.

At 3.20 am Pipit and I went home. I felt bad leaving them actually, but I had to go home. We went home, prayed, and went to sleep. I woke up and it was 9 am. So noon. I looked at Pipit, she was still sleeping. I checked my phone, Mas Dede sent us message, he said thank you for being such a nice friends. No other girls would do the same like us, in another word, he thanked us for being there with them till the end. He sent that at 6 am. They must have gone home at 6, I thought.

I didn’t ask for permission from my parent before I went here and spend the whole night outside.  One thing I’ve learnt from this accident is, there must be something bad if we didn’t get permission from our parents. I always thought, what if I dead then. What if I died over a firework. What if I get crippled because of that. Gosh, it was scary even to think about. I definitely won’t go out if I haven’t asked permission first from my parents. I didn’t want anything like this happened again. Well, it really was such a long night. And definitely a night to remember.


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