The Amazing Total Solar Eclipse

Today was a memorable day for me. Once in a life time. Out of the odds, I’m in this place. A place where everyone from the earth has gathered to witness this phenomenon. Yes! Solar eclipse everyone! I have never seen eclipse in my whole life, so no matter what, I have to see that.

I just knew that there would be solar eclipse in Belitong in December. When I got here at the first time, I knew nothing at all that there would be this huge historic event. But alhamdulillah, I could be in here right now.


That was us, the day before solar eclipse phenomenon happened. From left to right, they were Pipit, me, Pak Wardi, Pak Zeki, Bu Ihda, Pak Yusron, and Mas Edwin. We prepared to see this historic event for a week.

I saw it with my coworkers. Pak Zeki, our Head of State Treasury Office, said that there was a place where we could see the eclipse so clearly. It was at the field near the residence. I was a bit uncertain who to go with to see this solar eclipse at first. Because I wish I could see it with our friend from Tax Office. But they were not so clear too whether they wanted to see eclipse or not. So I decided to go along with my coworkers.

I woke up late in the morning. I woke up at 5.16 am while we got to move at 5.30 am. I was so lazy to get up hahaha. So I was in a hurry. At 6 am we dashed off to the residence. we were halfway to that place when I suddenly remember that I forgot to bring my solar glasses! I wanted to go back at first but Pipit said that we were already too late. I cursed myself at my stupidity. I have 2 solar glasses btw. But I didn’t bring any. Gosh, I was so forgetful.

Not long after, we arrived at the residence but Mba Lani said that the others have already left. So whether we want it or not, we had to go there alone. We didn’t know the way. Thank God there was someone who showed us where that field was. Not too far actually. There, I saw only Galuh and Pak Zeki that had already been there. I thought everyone had gone there, but eventually they had not. Thank God we were not too late. The eclipse had not even started yet either.

At 6.30 am we dashed off to mosque to do eclipse pray. The eclipse hadn’t started then. Or so what we thought. In fact, this eclipse had been started from 6.26 am. But we didn’t know it. This is the first sighting of solar eclipse.


At 6.48 am we finished our prayer and we spared no other second. We went back to the field because the eclipse had already begun. I took this pic at 6.56 am through my solar glasses. Can you see that? Yes, it was nearly half eclipse. We missed a lot indeed. But it doesn’t matter, we could see the rest of it later. So it didn’t matter.

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I took these four pics to compare between picture that I took through glasses and no glasses. In my amazement, we couldn’t see the half eclipse through our bare eyes because the sun would totally look the same with the regular sun. Just a big yellow circle in the sky. I thought we could see half eclipse with bare eyes, but apparently we couldn’t. Evidently, I accidentally got this half eclipse picture on the ground. I don’t know how I got it. Isn’t it amazing? Haha

This pic is a look through the telescope. It was 7.12 am and it was just like crescent moon. So beautiful.


We just couldn’t stand not to take a pic in this historic event. We took as many pictures as possible. I took these pictures at 7.17 am. It was not total eclipse yet.


It was at 7.23 am when total solar eclipse finally appeared. Let me tell you how I felt at that time. It was dark, but not really pitch dark. We could see what it seemed to be twilight at the bottom. I could see corona dances around the sun just like a ring. I could see the star which seemed to be Venus. But I’m not so sure of it. But it was in the bottom right. What star could it be? Venus? Mars? I don’t know hihihi. (Turns out it was Jupiter. I asked Galuh about it hahaha)

I felt so chill. I saw fog behind trees. It was so scary yet majestic and mystic. My jaw dropped. I was trembling. I couldn’t stop frolicking. I was so amazed by it. It felt like I was in a different planet which the sun shone dark like this. I felt like I was in Mars where the sun shone dark blue. As a matter of fact, the land that we stepped on was red. So I kind of felt like I was really in Mars.


But that majestic feeling soon disappeared. Soon, a little light appeared. From what it seemed to be only 1% of the sun, however it could shone us all so brightly.  It was not so long. They said that it was 2 minutes, but I felt it was only 30 seconds. But we got that family pictures. A bit blur. Yes, because we were so thrilled to see this phenomenon. I don’t know when or where the next eclipse would be seen but I totally satisfied with my experience today.

This phenomenon only last from 6.26 am to 8.33 am, 2 hours and 7 minutes. I took those 3 pictures after total solar eclipse finished. That was me beside that cool telescope. This telescope belongs to Galuh. She’s a star lover, like me. But I just enjoy it. I don’t take it very seriously. I give my applause to her for her dedication in astronomy.

Do you see me squatting on the red lands? Yes, that surely looks a lot like land in Mars. Or so I imagine it.. 😀

I love this land. It gives me so much lesson, joyful, and amazement. I was happy to get the first placement in Belitong, the land of Rainbow Troops. I love this mother of earth. Thank you Allah swt to let us see this amazing phenomenon. Thank you for your decision to let me serve my country in this beautiful island. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Tanjung Pandan, March 9th



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