Way of Thinking

I’ve been watching Kazuya Kamenashi’s drama lately. All of this started when I watched gokusen 3 because I like Haruma Miura so much. But as I watched Gokusen 2 which was starred by Kazuya, I immediately love his acting. And that leads me to download every single drama that he ever played. And I want to share my thoughts about one of his character in his dramas. That character is Kiritani Shuuji in Nobuta wo Produce.

Well, Kiritani Shuuji is a person who loves to impressed other people by doing everything he asked to do even he hates it. What kind of impression? Well, he always be cheerful to everyone. He always agreed to everyone even he doesn’t agree or doesn’t fancy to everything that everyone say. He always put on a mask to everyone. He wants to be popular. Even he made up that he had a girlfriend just to make everyone believe that he’s really extraordinary. Such a hypocrite guy you say? I couldn’t agree more.

But I couldn’t deny that I did those things too sometimes. It’s just that I don’t want to be hated by everyone else. “To be disliked by everyone is the scariest thing,” he said.

I kinda agree about his thought.

I prefer to hold everything inside my head without being able to speak the truth out of it. Why? Because it’s troublesome to have someone hate you for something you say. Don’t you agree?

Hurtful? Sometimes. But I could still live till now. I kinda think that keep everything that might hurt others is an adult way for this society. What about you? Don’t you feel the same? Or is this only me and Kiritani Shuuji who thinks the same? Saa~


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