Love Changes Like Seasons

“Nothing is forever,”

“I promised you, my feelings won’t change,”

A few months later, she married to another man..

Love changes like seasons..



Well, the conversation above is what i quote from my favorite fanvid short story between Kamiki Ryunosuke and Shida Mirai. It tells story between a couple who almost get married but his fiancee got amnesia. Because she doesn’t love the man like before, she decided to marry another men. Geez, what a sad story.

But if i trace back to what I’ve been through lately, i guess i could get it. Love changes like a season. We could really love something in a while, but once you’re interested in another thing, you forget what you love in the first place.

There were times when i crave so much about boy bands like Dong Bang Shin Ki or Super Junior , but suddenly I’m not interested in them whatsoever. Then I love The Lord of The Ring casts, like Orlando Bloom or Elijah Wood, I even wrote a fanfic about them. I re-wrote every lines that Legolas said in Fellowship of The Ring, all of them, even though his lines were not too much in the first book. I printed Elijah Wood’s pictures which I got from Internet Cafe (back then, technology was not this advanced like now, gadget era). I’m crazy in love with Harry Potter stories, the casts, movies, everything. I find myself in love with Fred Weasley’s character, James Phelps. I began searching for his fanfics and everything. But of course, all of that never linger for eternally. I could forget everything within a month of two. When i forget about one thing, it happened because I’m in love with something else.

Once, i crave so much about Japan boy band, KAT-TUN. It was because i watched my favorite dorama, Gokusen. I began to love Kazuya Kamenashi. Then it spreads into  downloading every single dorama that he starred in. He lingered for about 2 months before I turn into Super Junior again. I have loved Super Junior for 8 years now (they debuted in 2005, I knew them in 2008). But Super Junior was not the first Korean boyband that I’m crazy about. My first bias was Dong Bang Shin Ki. I love them because they remember me with Westlife, Irlandian boyband that i adore so much. You can say that Westlife was the first group singer that i love. I was 10 years old back then.

My love for Dong Bang Shin Ki didn’t last for a long time. Maybe around 4 or 5 months before i turn into Super Junior. Why didn’t I love Dong Bang Shin Ki again you ask me? Simple, that was because they released their MV Mirotic which I hate back then. Their clothes changes extremely. They show off their body too much. They were not innocent like before. So that I abandoned them. But, as I left them, they began to crack. Literally, cracking. They split into two boy bands, JYJ and Homin. Well, I kinda regret it. Maybe because I switch my bias into Super Junior then they broke down so much. Hwkwk, just kidding.

Then my time for Super Junior last for a very long time. I think my senior high school time was filled of Super Junior. I started to forget about Super Junior in my second year of college. Can you imagine that? I love Super Junior for 4 years. It was no joke if i recall it. I love Cho Kyuhyun in Super Junior.

Then i moved on with my life. I forgot about K-POP (I heard Kyuhyun again for the first time when i went karaoke with my friends in Tanjung Pandan. Then I knew that he released solo albums). I didn’t love any boyband since the late 2011. Even though Super Junior, Bigbang, CNBlue, and many more boy bands from Korea came to Indonesia, I didn’t give a damn about them, which I regret so much now. Well, even if i still loved them, I probably wouldn’t come to their concert because I didn’t have money. But now that I have money, I began to think that i will go to their concerts, Super Show is a must!

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This boy band craving thing began in the late 2015 as I watched Orange Marmalade. I love Lee Jonghyun. Apparently he was a member of CNBlue. I didn’t know CNBlue. I just knew Yonghwa and Minhyuk from a drama. Since then, my bias was CNBlue. It didn’t last long then. Maybe 2 weeks most, I started to foget them. Then in August 2016, last month, when i watched Lee Hongbin’s drama, Moorim High, I fell in love with a 2012-debut boyband, VIXX. They consist of 6 members who were born between 1990 – 1993. I began to feel that I’m so old among VIXX haha

From that moment, I determined myself that I will watch VIXX’s concert wherever they are. Unfortunately VIXX didn’t last long in my heart. They only linger for 2 weeks, because I fell in love again with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. I love his voice. I watched Exciting India, his 4 episodes KBS’s variety show with Suho, Minho, Jonghyun, Sunggyu, and Changmin. I couldn’t be more happy to see Changmin again. From that moment, I love Dong Bang Shin Ki again..

Fiuh, my love-line for bias is circling like a roller-coaster. But i love my life. I’m happy enough with my life now. I found happiness when I watched dramas, dorama, boybands, and musics. Such a typical devoted fans, truly.

Well, that was me. Anyone feel the same? hahahaha


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