Mystic Messenger

Mystic messenger (Hangul: 수상한 메신저 – Susanghan Mesinjeo) is a female-oriented mobile game (otome game – otoge) that is developed by Cheritz. I knew this game from my friend because she posted a unique anime character in her instagram. I was curious. I asked her, and apparently it was an otoge. She said that it was a unique and a fantastic game that made you smile, laugh, and even cry! Well, I didn’t believe her at first, until I tried it too.

I started playing it on October 14th 2016. It was so fun. I felt like I could be friends with all characters. Ah, I forgot to tell you all the characters from this game. First of all, there are 8 people in this game. Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee, Jumin, Seven, V, Rika, Unknown. Yoosung is a college student in one of SKY University, which is the three prestigious university in Korea. Zen is a musical actor and had a disease of narcissist every single time because of his beautiful figure. Kang Jaehee is Han’s Jumin assistant. Jumin is the heir of the biggest corporate in Korea. Seven is a hacker with so many secrets. V and Rika is a lover. Sadly Rika is already dead 2 years ago. V said she killed herself. Even I still don’t know this secret yet. I haven’t played Seven’s route. I could know the truth about everything after I finished his route. And the last is Unknown. He’s the one who led me to Rika’s apartment and accidentally join RFA private messages. After that, I became the newest member of organization called RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association).

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The storyline is almost the same. I replaced Rika’s work, that was mainly charity. Her most central project was hosting parties in her and V’s name. The aim of this party is to raise funds for charity. My job is to gather guests in different field, such as bankers, directors, chef, education, culture, etc. The entire guest has their own interest. Rika exchanged various emails with party guest at the apartment. She approved or declined guest depending on the theme of the party. Even if the person had no desire to attend the party, she convinced them so that they make an appearance. That is what I, the newest member, will be responsible of.

Wow, I got that explanation from Kang Jaehee, Han Jumin’s assistant. It was a bit pressure, don’t you think? Hosting a party, in 11 days! How could that be possible?! Well, it was just a game. That is possible. Affirmatively.

Long story short, I have to play for 11 days. We chat with them every day, usually every 2 hours. But that changeable, depends on what route you are playing. As for now, I’m trying to get Jumin’s route. I’m currently on 3rd day. I have finished Yoosung and Zen route. Next time, I will tell you their stories.

I felt so happy when I play this game. It’s a one of a kind. Nothing beats it. For an anime and drama lover, I am in love this game so much. Everything in this game is flawless. Soundtracks, stories, drama, art, everything. You should try it! It’s so worth your time! 😀





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