Zen’s Route, The Romance Expert Part 2

screenshot_2016-11-14-19-32-54-334_com-cheritz-mysticmessengerThe antagonist in Zen’s route is Echo Girl. She’s an obnoxious girl. Obviously she’s younger than me. I don’t like how she always call Zen with oppa~ oppa~ .. Gaaah, I don’t like that kind of girl. Ah, it doesn’t mean that I oppose every girl in Mystic Messenger, it’s just almost all girls in Mystic Messenger is not a good person. I’ll tell you about other girls later, in another routes.. Hehe

Echo Girl is Zen’s fan. She’s the one who plan Zen’s new role. She insisted to act with Zen even though Zen told her he couldn’t do it because of his ankle. She told Zen not to tell anyone regarding his injuries. Zen hesitated for a while, but she kept on insist him to take the role. It would be useless if she acted with someone else, she said. Zen accepted her offer eventually. That made Jumin angry, because Zen accepted help from a rich girl. Yoosung said that maybe Zen accepted her offer because she was a girl. Jumin counter-attack Yoosung by saying, “Then Seven is a girl?” Hwkwk

It never ceased me to watch Jumin and Zen bickering at each other. Jumin and Zen were too cute together.. XD

Young Zen with his big brother

The real reason why Zen always reject Jumin’s offer is because he wanted to prove that he could succeed without a rich or elite person’s help, just like his brother used to say. Zen ran away from home because he didn’t like his family. His family is a conservative family. Both of his parents were professor. So they want Zen to follow their way. Go to college, get a stable job. Like that. But it wasn’t Zen’s passion. He’d love to sing and act in stage. His mother once threaten him to bald his head to make him ugly so that he never dreamed to be a singer. Zen was so pissed and couldn’t take it anymore. He felt betrayed by his brother too. His brother used to be close with him when he was 7 years old, but he changed 180o when he entered Law School. He started to tell Zen to do better at school in order to get a stable job.

He felt so devastated by his brother’s harsh words. Moreover he has to hear the exact tone from Han Jumin, the elite person. But I always know that Jumin means well with his actions but he always try to help him in a way that Zen hates the most. The cat food line! Hahahaa

Jscreenshot_2017-01-23-13-50-14-797_com-miui-videoplayeraehee was terribly over protective toward Zen. She was a hardcore fan of Zen. She stated that we have to withhold our emotion for a while, until Zen got a larger fan base. I don’t like her attitude. It’s not her place to butt in other people’s relationship for god sake.

Then, there was another big problem caused by Echo Girl. She visited Zen’s house in the middle of the night. She tried to seduce him, but Zen refused her. She got angry and eventually planned revenge to him. Not only him actually, but the revenge also affected Jumin. She got angry with him too because Jumin ignored her some time ago. Like I said, she’s obnoxious!

screenshot_2017-01-23-13-51-53-833_com-miui-videoplayerZen didn’t care too much about her warning of revenge at the first time because he thought he would only lose his chance to act on a big stage. But it was not as simple as that. In fact, she spread rumors in media that Zen seduced her to go to his house late at night to do something naughty to her. She camouflaged him by acting scared when she got caught by her manager. She escaped from her manager, so Zen thought she was just scared of her manager.

screenshot_2017-01-23-13-55-49-924_com-miui-videoplayerWhat about Jumin? She spread rumors that Han Jumin is gay because he’s never seen being with girls. Well, it was all because he was so tired of some typical women, sugar-baby gals. His father was a womanizer, hmm, such a classic soap opera. I’ll tell you the details of Jumin’s father in Jumin’s route later.. Hahaha

Even Yoosung didn’t want to play Lolol again when everyone gossiping Zen in Lolol. I found it so funny, why was everyone gossiping in an online game? Online games are so funny sometimes.. XD

Zen had reached his limit. He was so depressed. At time like this, his hobby was riding his motorbike. His past chased him like a time bomb. He was so furious if he remembered what his mother and brother said to him. They belittled him by saying there were a lot of singer like him, that he wasn’t so special. Aww, he’s so special for me though.

screenshot_2016-11-19-10-50-16-944_com-cheritz-mysticmessengerHe remembered how his director didn’t pay him enough. He was hated by his co-worker because Zen always got the lead role instead of him. Suddenly, V’s words came to him. V said, “I just like how hardworking you are. Nothing more… But I feel bad to see you do anything on your own. Once you come into RFA, you will no longer be alone.”

V.. He was nice as usual.. God, I love V so much.. But wait! I’ll get to V’s route too later! Let’s hold to talk about V for now.. Fiuh..

Jumin is tsundere in Zen’s route. He acted cold toward Zen, but in fact, he was the one who helped Zen recover from his depression apart from Seven who helped with his hacking ability. He cleared Zen’s name by using his own money to attack Echo Girl. False rumors that spread in media could be counter-attack by another large sum of money. I didn’t actually understand how it elaborates either, but maybe Jumin bribed media to clear their name and straightened those false rumors of him being gay and Zen’s sexual harassment.

Jumin visited Zen in his secret place
Jumin and Zen reconciled

He did it. Things were going better. Zen and Jumin reconciled at last. Jumin knew Zen’s secret place and they talked a lot. Jumin offered him another modeling job, teacup. Jumin’s father bought an old teacup company and they need to hire a model to introduce that company. But Zen turned it down too. He said, he’d rather be a model for the cat food line. Then, Jumin teased him by saying he had hired another model for that cat food line. Zen looked a bit down and ashamed by that. Jumin laughed seeing Zen’s expression. Even I found them so cute to joke around like that. XD

Guys.. we’ll continue in the next part.. See you >.<


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