Zen’s Route, The Romance Expert Part 3

screenshot_2016-11-18-19-49-04-687_com-cheritz-mysticmessengerWe reached into the 10th day. Well, things were getting rough here. Unknown, our ultimate villain came to attack MC (me) in the apartment. He wanted to kidnapped me into Mint Eye, Magenta. Mint Eye is an organization that Unknown joined. He always said that he wanted to invite me to the paradise. Yeah right. I can’t figure out what the paradise in Unknown’s imagination is. Well, it mustn’t be nice thing considering Unknown’s unstable behavior. Luckily Zen came to the rescue! Yes, my knight in shining armor came to rescue me! XD

He was so good looking in that scene. Really, I’m not kidding! Thanks god, because of him, I’m saved. Zen got really angry to Seven when he knew that special security system a.k.a bomb in Rika’s apartment was hacked and down for a while there, luring Unknown to come into Rika’s apartment. Seven got really down because of guilt toward me. I kept on assuring him that it was not his fault that Unknown was almost harming me. We all make mistake.

Zen’s status on day 10

Final day of Zen’s route! We held press conference to clear Zen’s and Jumin’s name. Zen looks dazzlingly beautiful at his party.. 😀 Zen made a speech that proves his innocence toward the rumors. He denied all of the rumors and told the press that Echo Girl is just a crazy fan. That she had adored him for a long time. It was not because of his talent, but only because of his beautiful look. Zen always stated that he was a God of beauty, that he had the greatest sin for making ladies fall in love with him (yes, he is an acute patient for narcissist). But he preferred being famous for his talent, not because of his looks.

Now, I will write Zen’s final speech in here..

“Hello. I ran away from home when I was in high school. It’s a bit funny to say that but please listen. I have to explain. I didn’t talk to my parents at all until just a couple days ago. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to act, and my family didn’t like that. I was independent from a young age, going from one theatre company to another to make a living for myself. I can’t deny that my looks played a part in how I survived in the musical theatre industry. But when I was on stage, it was through acting that I expressed myself. I think the fans who still support me despite all the popular opinion, are those who felt the sincere struggles in my characters, and me as well,”

“Are you admitting to what happened with Echo Girl right now?” asked Reporter 1

“To be honest, I met a lot of fans, and I can sense who likes me for my looks and who likes me for my acting. I’m grateful to both. I think Echo Girl became my fan because of my looks,”

“Did you just say Echo Girl is your fan?” asked Reporter 2

Zen at the press conference

“Probably not now, but she was, just before the accident. Uhm.. the material will be handed out. Just to quote a couple sentences she posted on her SNS, ‘When I started acting instead of singing, I watched a lot of Zen in “Jalapeno”. My role model ever since I was in high school.’ Echo Girl posted this on her blog 2 months ago. On the Tripter account (perhaps it recalls to Twitter?) she used 3 years ago, when she was still in high school, she wrote ‘Im going to go out with Zen as soon as I become famous. No way he’s going to refuse my perfect body.’ ‘OMG! New teaser for Zen’s new role is OUT! My hearts gonna stop. Yaaaaaaaas!!’ Oh, reading all this is quite embarrassing… I feel like I was just showing off, haha. Anyways, you can read the details in press release. You can quote them on your articles,”

“Why is Echo Girl claiming that you harassed her?” asked Reporter 2

“Echo Girl and I were selected to play the lead roles in a new production. Later I found out that, Echo Girl planned all of it to go up on a stage with me. She came to my house wanting to discuss the roles,”

“Is that true?” asked Reporter 1

“Yes. Before the night she claims I harassed her, she visited my house. We have a witness who saw Echo Girl that day…. Well, Mr. Kim?”

“Oh yes! I was so surprised to see Echo Girl in such a quiet town. That handsome man over there came to me to buy some fish-shaped bread and suddenly a limo came and a girl got off. I recognized her as Echo Girl. She was very flirty. I even got her autograph to help my business.” Said Mr. Kim

“Zen, one more question. I cannot help but think that you having this press conference are antagonizing a female singer who is extremely popular at the moment. What do you think about this? If any of you said here today is proven wrong, your career even your personal life will be at risk,” said Reporter 1

Zen and MC at his house

“That’s a good question. To be honest, live the life of the actor has been just like a tightrope act in a way. I had to cover up my personal life in order not to ruin people’s perception of me. My weakness, my family problems, bad education records, my short temper, I had to hide all those and I even thought of not having a girlfriend in order to stay single for   fans. But ever since there was a discrepancy between the real me and my public image, I became afraid of what would happen once that discrepancy is noticed. For example, my girlfriend or my academic records.. This Echo Girl incident gave me a lot to think about. I could have remained quiet, changed my name, and taken on another job, but I wanted to be honest and transparent. Because acting is not just a job for me, it is who I am, my life. And if my life isn’t honest, then, well, it would be horrible. I was a troublemaker, I didn’t do well in school, and I did not get along with my family. I am not very proud of my past. But I survived in this field because of my acting and my looks, and I became an actor who inspires people. This is all true. And I swear, I didn’t lay a single hand on Echo Girl, and all the materials she released are false. This is the truth as well. Lastly, I cannot have any feelings toward Echo Girl. I have someone I love right now. This is the absolute truth as well.”

“Are you in a relationship right now?” asked Reporter 1

“My heart is beating towards one person. Until now, my acting was a reflection of my struggles for life. But now.. Thanks to this wonderful person, it will reflect warmth and love,”

“Is she here now?” asked Reporter 2

“Babe, come here..” said Zen with a deep voice, “I will introduce my lovely girlfriend, so please pay attention! From now on, I will refuse to respond to any misunderstanding or scandals about my love life. Alright, everyone?”

screenshot_2016-11-19-12-50-13-749_com-cheritz-mysticmessengerHe turned into MC..

“Babe, I just want to tell the whole world that you’re mine. I love you.”

And then.. It’s over. Good ending everyone! Yeay, I have finished writing for one route. Fiuh, it turns out to be longer than I expected. Well, writing mystic messenger made me so happy though. Haha

Ah, I almost forgot. >,<

I would very much happy (if this game ever be a drama one day), Kim Jaejoong become ZEN.. XD

Take a look at this picture of him singing and modelling! Kim Jaejoong is an ex-member of Dong Bang Shin Ki. I love him in white hair. Actually, I love Jaejoong so much since bazillion years ago. I mention him too in my last post right? Well, he is a singer and dancer indeed, so he would be perfect to be Zen.. 😀

Jya, I will stop my writing for now. Time to rest for a while before starting to write for another route. Yes, next time, it would be Yoosung’s Route! Yeeeaayy.. What would happen with our little baby Yoosung? The answer is, wait for my next chapter. Thank you for your attention. And,, last but not least, I.. peace out!


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