Zen’s Route, The Romance Expert

Annyeong chingu-deul!! (Hello friends!!)

screenshot_2016-12-07-08-14-13-537_com-cheritz-mysticmessengerBack with mystic messenger again! It’s Zen’s route now! Well, even though his route is the second route that I played (after Yoosung), I think it would be best if I write his route first.  It’s because Yoosung’s route is full of surprises about Rika and V and a bit sad and full of family drama. So, it’s best if I write Yoosung later, after this. I promise!

Well, Zen.. Hmm, out of all routes that I played (yeah, I’ve played all routes, even secret 01 and secret 02, but it’s still in a looong way to write them, hihi), Zen’s route is the most romantics route that I’ve ever played. His aura is so different with the others. Aaaaaaah, everything Zen said in the messenger is so cringe-worthy. I’m not lying here! He’s so sweet!

Ah, I forgot! I have to describe his character first to you. Zen. His real name is Ryu Hyun (Hangul: 류현). Ryu means dragon in Japanese. And Hyun means wisdom. I love his real name because it reminds me with Ryu Amakusa, my favourite character in Dan Detective School (D.D.S). If I could say, Zen looks a lot like Ryu Amakusa. But only in appearance because their character is soo different from each other.

He’s 24 years old, born in April 1st 1992, almost as old as I am, well, I was born at January 2nd 1992 which I could say, I’m his noona (older sister). I told him once in Jumin’s route that I’m older than him, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge me to be older than him, instead he wanted to be called oppa (older brother) by me. So cringing right.. I know.. hihihihi

Zen as Zorro
Zen in his new stage act

Zen is a musical actor. He is very narcissistic. He always said that God makes mistake when creating him. He often posts selfies and exclaim how handsome he is. He is very eccentric and always flirting to MC (Main Character – Me) every time he got a chance. He often talks about his looks, praising, and complementing himself for how attractive he is as well as how talented he is when it comes to singing and acting. Zen tends to compare others to himself when it comes to looks, frequently telling Yoosung to work out to look half as good as he does.

Despite this, Zen can become very loyal and caring, especially to those he cares about. He cares MC deeply in all routes, even more in his own route. He plays a big brother character for MC in other routes. He is the one who could show blatantly how deeply in love he is to MC. He claimed himself that he’s the expert in romance. He’s a hot-blooded young man, so he always said that he will turn into a beast after midnight. He always warn MC in every route that every man is a beast so I have to be careful. He stated in his own route that he has to try so hard to hold the beast within himself when he was alone with MC… >.<

Zen with Echo Girl

In Zen’s route, a new character appeared. Her name is Echo Girl. She’s the main lead in Zen’s new stage role. Apparently both of them are the main lead. But unfortunately Zen’s ankle got injured so he’s sad even depressed that he couldn’t participate in his new stage role. He stated that he felt much more guilty about not being able to do the rehearsal than his feeling toward MC. Girlfriend, scandals, he didn’t care about that scandals if that’s what he wants. He said that in chat 19.07 at day 6.

He got his injury because he fought with Jumin in chat 21.12 day 5. Jumin offered Zen a cat food line for his company, Holistic for Glorious Cats. It means the cat food is holistic in nutrients and for glorious cats. The model should be Elizabeth 3rd, Jumin’s beloved cat. Zen is allergic to cat, so he refused his offer. But Jumin got upset. He claimed that Zen always ditch Jumin’s kindness every single time. Even from the first time they met.

Zen with Rika

He met Jumin through Rika. Rika loved his acting from the first time he started acting. From a small company theatre until he moved to a bigger company theatre. Rika met Zen 3 years ago. She waited him at the backstage, to congratulate him for his great acting. She said she had followed him for 2 years. Because Rika’s fiancé, V, is Jumin’s childhood friend, of course Rika thought she could help Zen to be more famous by introducing him to Jumin, the heir of the biggest company in South Korea. But, Zen refused Jumin’s help because he doesn’t want to be famous by nepotism or connection. Zen wanted to be famous by his own talent.

Because of Jumin’s harsh words, Zen got so fiery that he did more than he could handle. He wanted to show Jumin that talent is much more appreciated than connection. Poor Zen.


Yoosung and Seven suggested that MC goes to visit Zen in his house because he is so depressed right now. MC (me, of course) got so excited to be able to meet Zen in person. But Jaehee was against it. God, women! I felt so down by Jaehee’s words that I couldn’t go to Zen’s house because I could jeopardize Zen’s career if there were scandals. Jaehee scared that one of Zen’s fans would notice if there was a girl visited Zen’s house, alone, there would be rumors. If there were rumors, Zen couldn’t act in musical anymore. That would be disaster for Jaehee, one of Zen’s devoted fans. Well, it hurts my feeling that Jaehee was so skeptical toward MC. Even Zen couldn’t understand why Jaehee thought that I’m dangerous because I suddenly join RFA private messages. Zen felt that MC’S concern is genuine and kind-hearted. Both of them argued a lot because of me. Hahaha I felt so happy Zen support me. Yes, eat that Jaehee.. ;(


Continue to part 2 guys.. >.<


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