Under Your Spell

From the shining light, 

he came upon me

Smiling as sun rises high northernmost

Walking as a prince, soft and gently


His eyes sparkling like a shooting star

Blue as the ocean sways in the deep azure

His hair shimmering like a gold

Even the almighty sun couldn’t see him as he shone brightly


Oh my sweet love, my prince

Your voice is so deep

Make me fell into the deepest ocean

You lock me inside your glorious jail


I couldn’t see anything except your lovely face

I couldn’t feel anything except your touch in my skin

I couldn’t hear anything except your whisper

I couldn’t smell anything except your sweet scent


Ah, I’m so in love with you

Like I’m locked under your spell

Couldn’t do anything except loving you

Couldn’t say anything except your name


Your world is my world

Your dream is my dream

Let me be yours only

Cause you’re always be mine


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