Jumin’s Route, The Trust Fund Kid Part 2

Jumin and Sarah

Anyway, back to Jumin’s first problem now. It’s about the girl that was set to marry him by his father. Everyone didn’t believe what Jumin said about a woman visited his house that morning. They all said that Jumin hallucinated seeing a woman. They teased Jumin by saying he mistook Elly as a woman. But it’s the truth. That woman was Choi Sarah. She’s Choi Glam’s student. Who is Choi Glam? Well, she’s a top actress who would marry Jumin’s father soon. Jumin was ok with it as long as it didn’t affect the company stock prices. It was already Jumin’s father’s third marriage. His wife now was not Jumin’s biological mother. It wasn’t explained in the game where his biological mother now.

As I have said in my last post (Zen’s route), Jumin had never been seen dating women so that the rumor him being gay was so popular. But he was not gay. He just didn’t like some typical women. All of women that appeared before him were just gold-diggers. They just see Jumin’s wealth, not for what he was. Jewelries, designer bags, house, those were things that women want from him. He hated it.

There were a lot of side stories in Jumin’s route. I got excited to find out that Zen’s new stage role is based on Dandelion. Dandelion is another cheritz’s otome game. I haven’t played this game, but maybe I’ll try that game too after I finished playing all endings of mystic messenger. 😀

Another thing is Yoosung and Seven were talking about a movie, Lord of The Bracelet which came out the same time with Harry Potluck… I don’t know these movies when they asked me. Suddenly a bell rings in my head! OMG, they were actually talking about Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter.. hwkwkwk So stupid of me not knowing these movies.

They talked about Yoosung’s quiz too. Apparently he would have a quiz in an hour, but he wasn’t ready for it. Actually his professor mentioned it before, he was the only one who didn’t hear that announcement.. So cute.. >.<

Jumin was feeling very low to the point of stopping all his cat related projects. Even though he didn’t show his emotions at all, he couldn’t object that he felt upset. It might seem like he didn’t care about anything, but it was because he never consider other people were important to him to show his emotion. People were kind to him regardless of whether he was good or bad. He always got the same response. He hated his sheltered life.

Jumin with Choi Glam and father

Jumin’s father was indeed a womanizer, but that didn’t mean Jumin and his father hate each other. Both of them had lots of things in common, such as there would always be people around them so they had a big responsibility. Jumin understand that his father might feel empty as the years go by, and he filled it with those women. Jumin respected his father. He never liked his father’s girlfriends but he didn’t say anything. He loved his father, but in the same time he hated his father. That’s why he felt confused. He didn’t understand how men could feel less lonely by being with women. He thought women were unnecessary. He didn’t understand love, because he never got sincere love from anyone. His only love is Elizabeth the 3rd. He said in his phone call, there was no creature on earth who understands him so well. When he was upset with his father, Elly pushed a picture frame of him and his father, and he felt happy about it. And another occasion, when he didn’t like the suit that was prepared for his interview, Elly rolled on it. He thought that Elly did that on purpose.

Elly in a cage

In the middle of the night at 7th day, Zen got prophetic dream. He saw Elly in Magenta (Mint Eye, hacker headquarter) the middle of mountain. Zen felt curious, why would Elly be in there. He thought Jumin came with her, but he didn’t see Jumin anywhere near him and Elly. Zen told everyone in the chat that he might have prophetic dream again. And he concerned about Elly. Jumin got jealous that Elly appeared in another man’s dream. It was the first time he felt jealous in his life. (So cute =3) He didn’t believe Zen’s dream at first. But he was bothered by the thought of Sarah and Glam trying to kidnap Elly to force him into marriage. He locked Elly in a cage. He doubled the security plus he didn’t go to work.

I have to say that his affection toward Elly was not normal. He felt at peace seeing Elly. But he did know that she was just a cat. She could never understand what he felt. He also knew that he and Elly could never be together as they were not the same creature. Of course he was indeed a human and she was just a cat. He loved Elly so dearly, but he couldn’t have her. Just like Rika.

Yes. The biggest reason why Jumin loved Elly was because Rika gave him Elly, so Jumin always see Elly as Rika. Jumin loved Rika.. T_T

Drama.. Such a cruel drama T_T

I felt so crushed when I knew that Jumin loved Rika. I mean, what on earth did he think?! Rika was V’s fiancée and he dared to like his best friend’s fiancée?! Unbelievable!

Things were getting harder at the company. Jumin cancelled all of meetings for one day and made Jaehee worked extra hard. He literally ditched his work to be with Elly. He couldn’t leave her alone in his apartment. He felt at peace watching Elly save in a cage as he would be sure, no one could open that cage beside him. Yoosung thought, if Jumin really worried about Elly, why didn’t he bring his cat to the office? Well, no one really certain about his real feelings because he kept it hidden and never showed it. “He was like a snowflake. You see him, but he disappears once you try to touch him.,” said Seven.

Then I suggested Yoosung to disguise himself as a cat and try if it could work to distract Jumin. And the reaction is like the chat below.. :3

Being an heir to the biggest company in South Korea requires a great deal of responsibility. He couldn’t have childhood as the other normal kid. Playing around and doing some pranks were not in his dictionary. Since he was a kid, there was a tangled ball of thread inside his mind. And as the years go by, the tangled thread was getting bigger by women who were seeing his father. Most people couldn’t see it. People only see him as a talented, wealthy, young person. He did try to ignore it, but he wanted someone else saw his tangled thread and understand him completely. So, when Rika gave him Elly, he imagined that Elly could see the tangled threads. He imagined that Elly was the only one who understand him. So, if he lost Elly, he would lose his one and only companion. But, how could she? She’s just a cat, not a human being.

Jaehee got worried about him and decided to ask me to go to Jumin’s penthouse. I went by the way. Ah, I mean, MC went to Jumin’s house. God.. I’m not a game character, I can never go to his house for real.. Even though I dearly hope I could go too…… Ah, what the hell.. this game makes me daydreaming over and over again.. T_T

screenshot_2017-02-02-09-25-33-347_com-miui-videoplayerSo, eventually, MC went to Jumin’s house. And Zen got worked up because of it. He told me to be careful. When a woman came to man’s house, man would turn into beast. That’s what in his mind. Hahaha .. Zen spent all night restless because he was afraid of me getting hurt or worse. It’s so cute to see Zen got scared like that haha

Then I stayed at Jumin’s house for 4 days and 3 nights. I couldn’t get out. Jumin thought that if I went home, something terrible might happen. His mind was at peace if I spent the rest of my days in his house. Well, he literally locked me inside his house. Perfectly the same with Elizabeth 3rd. He was pretty obsessed with MC. Moreover Elly ran away from his house in day 8 while Jumin introduced MC to head of security. He let the front door open, then Elly just escaped. That’s why he was super scared that I might be missing too.

screenshot_2017-02-02-09-28-33-807_com-miui-videoplayerHe was devastated that Elly ran away. He thought he already gave her all the love in the world, but she escaped from him. He felt he wasn’t a good owner, so he wanted to return her to V. Suddenly Choi Sarah barged in to his house bringing a cat’s picture. She claimed that she had found Elly. But that cat picture was not Elly. It was an insult for Jumin. He cast her out. But she wouldn’t budge. Then, he repelled Sarah with a way Christian Grey would do.. Maybe >.<

He kissed MC in front of Sarah >.<

God, I felt my face reddened because of that scene! I mean, it was not me that he was kissing, but… but…. God! He really was something! >_<

Apparently Sarah got out from his house. MC felt awkward of Jumin. Hey.. hey… ME TOO, FOR GOD SAKE!!


 Fiuh.. I should calm myself.. hahaha

Then Jumin called me. And he said something about that kiss! >.<

He said something about electric feeling.. Ah, I should stop writing this.. God, my heart beats so damn fast hahahaha

Continue to part 3 guys…………… (>.<)9


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