Jumin’s Route, The Trust Fund Kid Part 4

Jumin and Rika

But, a couple hours later, I found myself sympathetic toward Jumin’s feeling. Before Rika, he never met someone who could see through him. Who understand him fully. It was as if Rika could see the real him. But he knew he could never have Rika. I couldn’t help myself thinking that I was only replacement for Rika’s absence. He wanted to open up his heart toward me, but he couldn’t forget Rika completely. Ah, I found myself crushed again by this fact.

Nevertheless, when he saw me, it was the first time he felt all the anxiety, fear, happiness, pleasure, anger, and love. It was just like his emotional pipeline just burst open at once and he couldn’t perfectly control himself. He would do anything to restrain me if I ever had a thought of leaving this place. Yet he was afraid he would do something to hurt me. But he genuinely loved me.

Meanwhile, Yoosung was visiting Seven’s house. They planned to go to Magenta, Mint Eye headquarter. For a reward, Yoosung was granted boxes of Honey Buddha Chips (the rarest potato chips in the world plus Yoosung and Seven’s favorite’s food). After Yoosung came to Seven’s house, they didn’t go to Magenta directly. They finally went to Magenta after a whole day spent by playing Lolol and eating Honey Buddha Chips. Seven was trying to analyze the routes they were gonna take if there was something wrong. The departed in the middle of the night at day 9. But they were circling around because Seven didn’t the exact place of Magenta. They went off at 12 am and they reached Magenta at almost 10 am. Yoosung fled from Seven’s car as soon as they stopped the car and began chanting prayers that finally he was released from that car. Yoosung was so cute. He ran off as if he were a slave who finally got freed. He was whining all the time in the car, and he was glad that finally they were arrived.

He reads MC Rika’s book

Yoosung only got one job. That was a look-out job. He had to tell Seven asap if there were other people around the area while Seven did the hacking job. So, Yoosung waited Seven for a long time. Finally he couldn’t be silent any longer and started to log into chat and tell Zen and MC that he didn’t know what to do except doing look out. Zen got a hunch that they were in the building that was exactly like in his dream. After a moment of hesitation, Yoosung reluctantly send the picture of the building. True, it was exactly like in Zen’s dream.

And apparently Elly was captured in that picture too. Yoosung was told not to get out from the car. But Zen screamed at him that he had to be flexible at a time like that. Yoosung looked like he wanted to cry, but he took Elly too in the end. But, what happened next made Seven really shocked. Yes, they met Unknown. And what shocked him more was Unknown knew Seven’s baptismal name too, Luciel.

Magenta and Elly

Seven looked confused and scared as why Unknown were there. But Seven didn’t get the answer. Yoosung and Seven got away from that place and left Unknown by himself. Seven got really down because of that. And he tried to call V to ask what really happened, but V didn’t pick up his calls. Well, who the hell is Unknown? You’ll find the answer in Seven’s route later.. 😉

In the meantime, Elizabeth the 3rd was taken by Yoosung. And he whined again. He said that he couldn’t play Lolol because Elly always played the mouse. And he found his ear icky, and then he found cat furs in his ears… Omg, how in the world would that cat fur get into his ear? O_O

It was not only that, Elly broke Yoosung’s plate. He begged in the chatroom for anyone took Elly away. If not, he would bring Elly to the party the day after tomorrow. And that triggered Zen’s allergic. He didn’t want to be humiliated again like the last party when he was sneezing nonstop.

Fortunately, Yoosung’s misery ended when V suddenly visited Yoosung’s apartment. He didn’t visit long. He only took Elly and gave it to Jumin. Jumin told him that he couldn’t accept Elly anymore. Because whenever he was with Elly, he remembered Rika. He imagined that Elly was Rika. V was taken aback by Jumin’s feeling toward Rika. Of course, I felt my heart in pain too when I knew Jumin saw Elly as Rika. He looked like he could never erase Rika from his heart. But he assured me that I was so amazing and special to him, not even comparable to Rika. Well, I felt flattered by his honest opinion of me. But, what would V think when he hear it? Jumin really dropped Rika in front of V. I would be hurt if I were V. Instead, he was afraid that I was the one who would be hurt because of Jumin’s words. V was one of a kind. He would never feel hurt by mere words. He was indeed a faint-hearted.

Finally, we reached our final day, RFA Party. Jumin invited Choi Glam and Sarah plus his father to the party. Sarah and Glam thought Jumin would announce their engagement in front of bunch of reporters, but they got embarrassed instead. Jumin revealed their secrets to the media. In fact, Sarah and Glam are siblings, not a student and teacher as they stated to Jumin’s father before. His father was shocked. He didn’t believe Glam would lie to him. Sarah and Glam hide their financial problems too. The fact that they wanted to sell her bankrupt company in a high price was too much for Jumin’s father. Finally, Jumin sued them both. And then good ending people.. 😀

Well, how was my writing about Han Jumin? Too long? Well, maybe.. haha

There were too much to tell about him so I couldn’t filter it. Deep route was indeed different from Casual route, right? Well of course, I have to pay 80 hourglass to play Jumin and Seven’s route. But it was really worth it.

Sooooo, the last thing I want to say is.. The one who would best portray Han Jumin is Kim Soo Hyun. Yes, he stared in My love from another star, The Moon Embraces The Sun, and many more.. His deep voice is really similar to Jumin. So, he would be Han Jumin! No one can replace him.. Hahahaha

Kim Soo Hyun

Then.. that’s iiiiit.. God, I miss Jumin already. There were a lot things I got from his route. First, his sophisticated life. I never knew chicken parmigiana before, but I knew the picture now, even though I haven’t tried it yet. And I love replaying “Je te veux – I want you by Satie in France 1903” over and over again. God, I didn’t like him at all for the first time. I found myself irritated hearing his deep monotone voice. But after a while, I sense myself in love with his character. It was indeed different with Zen’s flirtatious feeling. Of course I love Zen too, but Zen was not the person I want to be with if he were real. Having relationship with an actor is too much. Hahaha

What the hell am I thinking right now? Of course, that would never come true? Who am I? I’m just a peasant.. hahaha

And please, they were all 2D characters. Sometimes I kinda daydreaming if they were real people, but NO! That would never come true.. God, I’m so pathetic right now.. Maybe I have to stop writing..

Well, thank you for reading.. anyone.. if there are any… haha

I’ll be back with Yoosung’s route next week. Maybe.. >_<

Ok then.. I.. peace out 😀


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