Jumin’s Route, The Trust Fund Kid

Jumin with Elizabeth 3rd

Hello everyone!! Back with me again! Before I start, I would like to apologize first. In Zen’s route, I said that I would write Yoosung’s route in the next post, but I changed my mind. He was the first route that I played, so I kinda forget the details of his story. Of course I remember the main story, but it won’t be enough for my post if I only write the main story, not the whole story. So, I would post his story after I replay his route. I’m going to have his normal ending btw.. hehe

Now, I’d like to write something about Jumin’s Route! Han Jumin, a.k.a the silver spoon a.k.a the trust fund kid a.k.a cat mom! The famous bad ending of 50 Shades of Han! But we’ll talk about that famous bad ending later, in another essay perhaps. I haven’t played Jumin’s bad ending either, so I can’t say anything about that story.

Han Jumin, 26 years old, born at October 5th 1990. So, I could call him oppa right? Well, perhaps.. Haha (Most women call her daddy, but I’m not like them. I’m not into sugar-daddy thing.. You can trust me on that!)

He’s the heir of the largest company in South Korea, C&R International. He is always selected as the number one bachelor every woman wants to marry according to Zen’s phone call at 11.45 day 4th. I’ve got to admit, he is indeed so handsome. Handsome and rich, what more do you expect for a perfect husband? XD

Being MC in his routes requires a slightly different attitude from the other routes. She is way more sophisticated and completely understands Jumin in every aspect. She is strict, doesn’t like Seven’s joke until Seven told her to smile more because I rarely smiling or happy in the chat, ignorant to others’ thinking, and didn’t really understand what commoner used to do in daily lives. Just exactly the same behavior Jumin did. Sometimes Jumin could be so naïve and talk about his extravagant life as if it was not a big deal. He never meant to boast his fancy daily life to the others, but Zen didn’t think the same. He found Jumin’s habit of showing his sophisticated life every time he logs into chats is annoying. Yes, Jumin and Zen bicker a lot. Zen has some problem with an elite people, as I have written it in Zen’s route. Zen always mock Jumin by calling him trust fund kid or silver spoon. Jumin took a revenge on Zen by showing his cat’s photos. That triggers Zen’s allergies and there goes them yelling at each other. I could slowly eat my popcorn with Seven while watching them bickering at the chat. Hahaha

Elizabeth 3rd

He has a white fur Persian cat named Elizabeth 3rd. Eventually Elly (Elizabeth 3rd nickname that was given by Seven) was given to Jumin by Rika and V picked a name for that cat. Jumin loves Elly dearly and make a statement that there was no other living thing is more elegant and sophisticated than Elly. He never dated any girls because he already has Elly. That was why rumor about him being gay is started.

He is V’s childhood friend. V knew Jumin so well that he could nag Jumin every time he wanted to. V always nag Jumin to be open up more to people around him. Rika always encourage Jumin to smile more too. Jumin doesn’t like to be nagged, he even call V an old man for nagging him. Jumin is a robot according to Zen, Seven, and Yoosung. Jumin doesn’t show emotions at all. He drew a line that everyone might be good person, but they wouldn’t understand him so that he didn’t want to get to know them. He said it in his conversation with V in day 3.

Once he visited grape farm. He went to make a deal for new wine. Seven asked him about his pic in the grape farm. Jumin didn’t take any picture of him pretend to pick a grape in grape farm, in which Seven found it odd. It’s indeed common courtesy to take a pic and share it in social media, but Jumin doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand why people pretend to do something that they didn’t do to act like a commercial model. Of course, MC agrees with him. I got taken aback by his words. I do love taking a picture pretending to do something. Whether it was picking a green leaves, or pretending to be in jail when I visited a museum, I do love taking picture like that. God Jumin, I cannot understand him either.

He also added that posting in social media helps someone in some cases. For example, if someone got bored, they post in their social media that they are bored, maybe hoping there are others who felt the same. Hmm, it struck me again. Not a moment ago, I tweet that somehow I found twitter relaxing. So I often tweet something that pops into my mind. Jumin knew that from an article that famous professor wrote and he agreed that social media is effective to redeem anxiety or just express our thoughts. He indeed is right.

At the last chat in day 4th, Unknown hacked RFA private message again. A bit creepy though. It was almost midnight and the chat suddenly changes into mysteriously hacked. The back sound Unknown’s song creep me out..

Because of that hacker, Seven asked Jumin to send his bodyguards to protect every member of RFA. Yoosung felt so happy that he was surrounded by bodyguards. He felt like a celebrity somehow.. Haha.. Meanwhile, Zen didn’t look too pleased. He complained how big his bodyguards were, and how cramped he was in the van (yeah, every member of RFA got a van from Jumin, how generous he is) because his bodyguards were so big and his favorite gold-fish bread truck that always park in front of his house got scared and went home. Meanwhile Jaehee and Yoosung got a slender body guards. That was why he felt Jumin was discriminate against him. What an ungrateful fellow Zen was.. 😦

Meanwhile, Jumin didn’t look too pleased either that day. Jaehee and thought it was because of the hacker. But it was not just the hacker. He felt so pissed at his father interfering Jumin’s private life. Yes, marriage. He was so pissed at the woman who suddenly barged in to his penthouse in the morning and told him she was his fiancée. I’ve got to tell you now. Jumin’s route is indeed classic soap opera story with a slight touch of 50 Shades of Grey.

Jumin’s route has a lot of stories to tell. It’s like, every chat is worth to be noted. Just like this one. Jumin lectured me and Zen about business stuff. I think it was about economy. Fyi, I didn’t do well about economy back in my school days. So, when Jumin talked about economy, Zen and I just listen to him and say nothing. I had to re-read his chat to understand what he means about capitalist. Well, my English is not really good. Moreover things related to economy.. I mean.. What the hell is SMEs?? I sincerely don’t like economy. Haha (turns out SMEs is Small and Medium Enterprises a.k.a UMKM,, I’ve just googled it,, I know.. stupid me.. hahaha)

Part 1 has finished.. If you’d like, feel free to read part 2.. 😀


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