Jumin’s Route, The Trust Fund Kid Part 3

Anyway, Jumin realized that he could no longer be with Elly. No matter how much he loved her, or how much he tried to make her understand him, she couldn’t understand him completely. Thus he wanted to return her to V. The reason why he remained being with her was because she was all that he had before he met MC. Now that he was with MC, he was no longer need Elly as a companion. Seven said that Jumin dumped Elly. He would gladly take care of Elly but of course Jumin would never allow it.

As usual, Zen got overly worried about MC who was still in Jumin’s house. While Seven teased Zen by saying, “The more isolated you are, once you find something of comfort, you will cling onto it and never let go.. Said volume 32 of Pure Romance, chapter 25 Birth of Obsession and love/hate,”

screenshot_2016-12-06-22-53-46-835_com-cheritz-mysticmessengerOnce, Jumin got angry at MC. He insisted that MC stay in his house regardless what happen. But I couldn’t stay in his house. I had to prepare for RFA’s party and gather guests. Jumin got overly possessive toward me. He thought I would get kidnapped by Choi Glam and Sarah, even worse the hacker. I didn’t need to go outside of his penthouse he said. I could do my hair or went shopping inside the building. And he even imagined what hairstyle I might be best at, and the dress, and shoes too.. Oh my, he is indeed Christian Grey! >_<

He said that he would put a name tag on me to show that I was his! He wanted to leave a mark in my body too.. I mean, what in the world?! I couldn’t get out. He would be crazy if I left.

Zen and Jaehee got concerned that I was still in his house. Zen nearly ambushed Jumin’s house if I didn’t forbid him to come. They would fight if I let Zen came. So, Jaehee was the one who came to see if I were alright. But, Jumin didn’t let her in. He didn’t want anyone disturb him while being with me. Ahem, I mean, with MC. God, I nearly screamed when I watch the last Visual Novel Mode in day 8. Maybe I will write their conversation in here.. Seriously, those words were so deep I could almost melt to the earth.. XD


It was late, almost midnight. Jumin asked MC to have a late dinner with him..

“This is a late meal. I’m sorry. How is the food? It’s veal. I hope it suits your palate,” said Jumin in his usual deep voice, “This violin piece.. Do you know? It’s a waltz called ‘I want you’ written in 1903 France. If you like it, why don’t we go to the orchestra concert that plays this piece next time?”

He stopped a while. While gazing at me, he continued slowly..

“It’s perfect. This music, these fresh flowers, this perfectly paired wine, and you in front of my eyes.. The dress I chose, the perfect lip color for your skin, the hairstyle that reveals your ears… I love your ears. They are very cute. And your eyebrows, your nails. You are beautiful throughout, but it’s the details that get to me. Oh, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I’m just so happy. I got a bit too excited just now,”

“Thank you for this nice meal. But I can’t help but worry over Elizabeth,” said MC


He hesitated for a while.

“That’s why you didn’t look too happy,”

(God, even though this Visual Novel Mode doesn’t include his dub voice, I could imagine his deep voice inside my head. And it was damn good voice! >_<)

“Elizabeth the 3rd,” he continued, “We’ll find her. I plan to increase the recompense by ten times if things got too delayed. If we can’t find her till tomorrow, it might be that someone else has taken her in. It’s my fault that she left this house. But… Amelia…”

(Yes, he said my name because I put my name in this game. So the subtitle input my name.. >_<)

“If you keep thinking about the cat that runs off, you’ll only feel sadder. What’s important right now is us. The cat won’t come back just because we’re sad. Is there any way I can make you smile? Oh right, I have some good news. I called my father today and we’re going to meet tomorrow. I plan to end all discussions of the arranged marriage. I plan to tell him how that woman barged in here this morning and tried to play me. I’ll also show him the personal credit reports Assistant Kang found. If the discussion goes well, my father and I will be good again. If my father is back on my side just like before, those women won’t be able to bother me any further. And they’ll never be able to touch you. Everything will go back to how they were once. We find Elizabeth the 3rd, the hacker threat is gone, and those women are no longer around us,”

“But first, I think I have to go home tomorrow to prepare for the party. What do you think?” said MC

“Oh… right. I have to send you back for the party. The place you’re returning is a secret location, so I won’t be able to send my bodyguards. But I’ll call V and figure something out. How about…”

He hesitated.

“…you return the day after tomorrow and not tomorrow?”

(It shocked me. I literally am locked inside his house. It was like I was stuck in a large cage with no option but following his orders..)

“I still think I should return as soon as possible,” said MC

“I want to spend more time with you. But that’s not what’s important right now. We might need more time to ensure that you’re safe. Please believe me on this. A day will be enough to prepare for the party. I will help my people if necessary. Instead, let’s talk about how far along the preparations are once we finish eating. We’ll manage to find a solution. I’ve already held the party twice, so I’ll be able to help you. I promise I’ll send you back to Rika’s apartment before the party. But until you return, please remain in this building and be safe. I told you before, but I’m afraid that you will disappear forever if you leave my sight. Can you understand how I feel?”

“I do understand,” said MC

Grey’s tie (>.<)

“Thank you for trying to understand. To return your kindness, I’ll try to make ensure your safety so that you can return as soon as possible. I’m sorry about earlier. I couldn’t control my emotions. I shouldn’t have blocked you and talked to you so forcefully. I don’t want to restrain you. That’s not very democratic. But I hope you don’t consider everything as a restraint. I want to believe that you’re here.. because you understand how much I worry,”

“I’m here because I’m worried about you losing Elizabeth,”

“Thank you. Although you may not understand the worries and the fears I have, it’s enough that you’re thinking of me. I don’t feel so good about this as well. It’s just as if I’ve locked you inside here. But I at least want you to be happy while you are here. There are more places you can visit in this building than you think. There’s a gym on the seventh floor, and there’s a mini garden on the rooftop. It’s a nice place to go for a walk under the sun. On the first floor is the lounge café and restaurant, and in the basement, there’s a shop with imported goods. I think there’s also an antique shop,”

MC looked at him and tried to imagine how deep his love must be for her. He sincerely worries about her safety and made sure that she comfortable in his house.

“There are a lot of people there so I rarely go. If you want to be around more people, then that’s a good place. Of course, my bodyguards will be with you. I rarely leave the building when I don’t have work scheduled. So you’ll be able to do everything here. When you’re hungry, you can just call the chef as I did just now. He’ll make anything you want. If you want to work out, you can go to seventh floor and call for a trainer. If you want to listen to music, I can invite a famous ensemble member. I can also call for a mini orchestra to come here right away. The big orchestras require that you book at least a week before. There’s a music hall on the second floor, so they will be playing there. The best wine that fits your palate, the most luxurious items of your taste.. Everything is possible in this place where we are together. So please, don’t think it’s boring to stay here. Please stay with me here at my home. Just this moment,”

Suddenly his security came.

“Mr. Han, sir…”

“What is it?”

“Chief Assistant Kang is here to see you, sir,”

“I can’t see her right now. Tell her to send me an email if she needs anything,”

“Yes sir,”

“Jaehee said in the messenger that she’s coming here. Can’t we see her?” asked MC hesitantly

“Don’t worry. She’ll email me about things she really needs. I don’t want anyone interfere this perfect moment. I want to focus on you. We will continue our dinner. I’ll have to check the dessert menu.”


And those 7 minutes long Visual Novel Mode finished. God, I almost call him “Master” like Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey… XD

You understand me when I said that Han Jumin is the perfect resemblance with Christian Grey right? Look how possessive he could be! Nevertheless, I’m still curious about this bad ending. I want to play his bad ending so badly now.. hahahaha

Continue to part 4 *\(^o^)/*


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